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  • on 20.12.2009
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It’s getting closer. 13


Hey guys, working hard here! I know you all got the impression that Nightmare House 2 will be out before 2010 but I doubt that will happen. Let me assure you, Nightmare House is close to be done, and I’m going to polish it as much as I can before giving it to the rest of the world.

So for now I’d say the release date is Q1 2010.

Now for a bit of media update! This will probably be one of the last before Nightmare House 2 will come out.

Nightmare House 2
Nightmare House 2
Nightmare House 2
Nightmare House 2
Nightmare House 2
Nightmare House 2

(Note – these screenshots are not final, and I am still working on adding more visual elements such as fog, color correction, lighting, and so on to make the final version of the maps look A LOT creepier.)
As you can see I’ve decided to show a bit more then just areas, without spoiling anything too much, I hope. That’s it for now.

PS- If you guys have any question, want to follow the progress from a closer perspective, or just talk with me you can visit the “Nightmare House 2 progress thread”.

PPS – A lot of people are asking me what are the game’s requirements, although I said it a lot, Nightmare House will require Half-Life 2: Episode 2 only, and will come with a remake of the remake that doesn’t require Counter Strike: Source.

PPPS – New website coming soon.

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