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  • on 19.09.2010
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Nightmare House 2: The Lost Files 5


I have decided to make the entire development process of Nightmare House 2 open for you fans and developers out there. It’s been a long, great experience and due to the heavy demand I organized everything in one compressed file. It contains work from me and the rest of the team, ¬†taken from different phases of development which did not end up in the game.

What’s in The Lost Files?

Documents: Our improvised design document, sketches/concepts and old todo lists.
Music: Lots of cut tracks, testings of style, etc. (for the final OST read along)
Sounds: Unused SFX.
Videos: A few videos we  took around development and some fun stuff.
Pictures: Loads of pictures from in-dev maps, models, old crap and fun.
Maps: A few test maps and older scratched versions of Nightmare House 2.

Download The Lost Files here, or find it under Extras in the main website.

What’s next?

We just released all of the ingame tracks, high quality, with a few bonus tracks. Download the OST here, or find it under Extras in the main website.

I’m organizing a translation package for Nightmare House’s subtitles. If you think you can contribute or want the progress on this, check this thread.

Commentary mode is planned; we’re hoping to release it soon.

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