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  • on 05.12.2010
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Echoes Act 2 – New Gameplay Elements 373


Hey! Echoes: Operation Stranglehold (Act 1) is out for some time now. Since its release we learnt a lot about how to make Echoes even better. We listened and still are listening to all the feedback, and we’re glad to introduce two important concepts which we’re implementing in Act 2.


One of the things that make Echoes unique is the genre union of RTS and Shooter. Many complained RTS is too difficult to pull off in a side scroller. We sat and thought it through, and we figured a solid way to have true strategy in a sidescroller, here’s an example:

Multiple grounds concept

Multiple grounds concept (RTS)

Multiple paths are now introduced in Act 2. Some underground, some on hills. These paths offer tactical value, and we believe complete the RTS aspect of Echoes.

Multiple grounds concept

Multiple grounds concept (Combat)

Cover System

The Shooter aspect of Echoes (Combat mode) was a great challenge to make. It’s not about throwing sidescroller-shooter elements into the engine, because there’s also a great deal of balancing between the enemy AI and the player’s powers. So we balanced the player further in Act 2, and one of the things we added is the option to avoid bullets on both sides. We simply laid a few sandbags around the battlefield, and voila!

Cover system

Cover system

Of course it works with Dem as well.

These are just two of many new things that make Echoes Act 2 so solid.

Speaking of cool new additions, check out Robin Lingmerth. He’s one of the two new artists we have on the team, and takes good care of all concept art and still scenes.

Art for Echoes Act 2 by Robin

Still images for an Act 2 scene

So when can you expect Act 2? Well, unfortunately, not this Christmas. We’re expecting a delay for Act 2, and we can’t promise any date yet. Keep checking for updates though, because we will eventually post a few spicy videos from development.

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