Article written

  • on 02.02.2009
  • at 05:48 PM
  • by Hen

Nightmare House 2 development update 2


Heya. Nice new blog theme around! Hen here, and I wanna get you guys up to date with NH2.

Been in development for hella long, lately it feels like things are finally catching up. I will say it again: Nightmare House 2 is not dead. In fact, it’s more alive than ever.

I thought about it, and I figured pictures talk best. So there you have it, some fresh screenshots from the latest:

Unfortunately I can’t promise aloud a date just yet, but I can assure you it is gonna be worth the wait.

You can expect more media soon. One more thing – NH2.WCS‘s blog is a little outdated, but will be linked with this one soon, so worry not.

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