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Worst case June… Yeah right 33


I hate to disappoint, the fans and myself, but as you can see we didn’t made it to the June release.
Of course it’s not meaning that Nightmare House 2 has been pushed back, being on hold, or anything like that, we’re still working very hard on making Nightmare House 2 great.

Right now for every week we delay NH2 it’s quality boosts up by another 10%, and we’re very close to 100%. ;)

So as an apology for not releasing yet, here’s a bit of more media while you guys wait:

These screenshots are from the first, third, and fourth level, they are from the final version of the maps, which is already completed.
Also included are a few “new” screenshots of old areas, now with final lighting and color correction!

So once again, IT’S COMING.

Also, make sure to check the NH2 forums, here Forums.wecreatestuff.com and ask me stupid questions in the “A thread about NH2′s progress” thread!

On a funnier note – more and more people come to me and say how much the Nightmare House 2 logo is a copy of the game “Uncharted 2″ logo.
I can’t blame them of course, just look at it!

For my defense I can say that I’ve made the Nightmare House 2 logo more then a year before Uncharted 1 even came out, using a free public font called Base02.
Same goes for the Left 4 Dead logo.

Now that we’ve cleared that out… Have you guys noticed how much Nightmare House 2 is a copy of F.E.A.R?… I mean, it has a spooky girl in it!

We Create Stuff communities upgraded 0


We’re happy to finally announce, the new boards are finally up. This is a step out of quite a few we’re going to perform in We Create Stuff. The new boards integrates with the rest of We Create Stuff. Not fully just yet, but soon, it will also connect to our blog, and in the future, with our games and apps launched on here.

The new boards offer a reputations system, better management, easier access to different content, meaningful profiles (for a change), and they even support old style links if you still have old Portal TFV threads fav’d :)

New WCS boards

Isnt this way better?

Aside from being pettier and easier to use, it’s the first hint to our new agenda for creative projects. We will post more about this in the coming months. For now, hit the boards!

Further information for existing users can be found in this topic.

WCS’s new blog is up! 8


Well, we figured this would work better than the old News/Announcements forum, so there you go. It is much easier for us to post through this, and we hope it will be much easier for you guys to track our stuff through here as well.

We’ll be posting about the development of our projects, releases, and other news around here. Any feedback about the functionality of this blog please send to me on the contact e-mail, placed on the bottom of this page.

Hen already has something big coming out probably this weekend, so stay tuned!

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